A Biological Sample Management Company expands its niche market thru Brand Transformation

SampleArchive Services [SAS] is the first dedicated bio-repository and archival provider in Singapore specialized in pre-clinical and clinical biological samples storage, ground conveyance, and inventory management. SAS has been growing steadily in Singapore and has...

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Jal Yoga Franchise Development

Jal Yoga Franchise Development

Through this project, Jal Yoga has managed to develop an extremely comprehensive Franchise system that combines modern business practices with an authentic Yoga experience that is steeped in the ancient lineages of authenticity. Jal Yoga has mastered the art of championing authentic Yoga. It is evident from the way they communicate their beliefs, the artful way the combine traditional yoga lineages with digital applications, melting art into technology seamlessly. They know that the key to operating a successful Jal Yoga franchise is the uncompromising effort in ensuring sustainability in quality operations. Jal Yoga has developed very stringent Certification program and management applications to  enable its team to address both back and front end needs to ensure this consistency.

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