A Biological Sample Management Company expands its niche market through Brand Transformation

SampleArchive Services [SAS] is the first dedicated bio-repository and archival provider in Singapore specialized in pre-clinical and clinical biological samples storage, ground conveyance, and inventory management. SAS has been growing steadily in Singapore and has been serving government-related clients for over 15 years.

The motivation to embark on a brand transformation project was driven by the desire to build a stronger brand presence to seek and capture new business regionally and potentially, a new market segment.

In order to achieve this, Astreem and SAS needed to clarify their highest value priority segments and subsequent positioning goals in the market to achieve immediate brand growth goals.

Brand Communication is Key

To communicate these new Brand driven strategies, Sample Archive Services sought to clarify communications to prospects and customers, both strategically and visually in their brand identity.

The Astreem brand transformation team worked with the SAS team to articulate their brand strategy and brand portfolio through a redesign of their brand architecture, customer profiles, and the customer journey so as to design a new brand content strategy and holistic visual identity.

Through this project, Sample Archive Services was able to reintroduce SAS as a premium, leading non-partisan service and solutions provider for bioindustry in Singapore, trusted by leading public institutions & private MNCs alike.

A Positioning Statement was needed to ground where SAS is now and the clear path they’d like to grow the brand.

Brand Positioning Statement:

Sample Archive Services is an essential partner of leading local and multinational public & private bioindustry sector players in the Singapore market.

From this statement, the brand tonality and the communications were rebranded to highlight the actions SAS will commit to for their customers.

“We are the ideal partner who will support you in the background, helping you ascertain the integrity of your samples, track and manage its lifecycles, and offer you expedited local conveyancing.”

Content Strategy Overview

To support their ongoing engagement with their targeted market, a content strategy that comprises a good balance of Functional content and brand personality and relatable content was curated.

In all, this Brand Transformation journey took place in 3 distinct phases and took a total of 6 months. To achieve the goals of a rebranding project, sufficient attention to detail at every stage from the Brand Discovery, Brand Strategy and Brand Paradigm is necessary. Being able to articulate the SampleArchive brand’s business-driven value proposition to their targeted client segment will allow the brands to maximise the possibilities of a business-driven focused brand transformation.

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