Growth Consultants for Southeast Asia.

At Astreem, we create growth strategies with partners ready to scale. We’re a team of strategists, innovators and problem solvers ready to increase your brand equity and digitise for scalability across Southeast Asia and beyond.

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We bridge business growth and valuation in our key Brand Transformation methodology, the A360°.
We work with you to fully realize your business potential through targeted Brand and Growth Strategies that optimize your operations through digital transformation and developing Go-To-Market Roadmaps to build your Brand Footprint.

Our Services


Brand Transformation
Positioning, Articulation & IP

To increase revenue streams

We maximise your brand equity and potential IP exploitation through delivering Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning & Brand Communication Articulation.


Business Process

Reduce costs & improve efficiency

We identify gaps in the value stream to improve efficiency and productivity with a systemic view of reducing time and costs.


Growth Management :
Scalable & Sustainable Growth

Increase brand financial value

Our growth strategists uncover and transform business channels to crystallise your growth pathways for your brand to fully realise its financial value.



Increase international footprint

Our franchise experts develop end-to-end Franchise systems, from Strategy, Operations Documentation, Legal Documentation to Franchise Management systems for sustainable franchise growth.

Franchise Opportunities

We connect you with like-minded partners in our network and beyond.

A360° Transformation Journey

A360° Methodology

We bridge business growth valuation in our key Business Value transformation methodology, the A360°.
We begin with your Ultimate Goal in mind.
The A360° is built upon our value pyramid which, when articulated through our services, form a firm foundation for businesses to scale, increasing your economic business value in both your tangible and intangible assets. Our consultants will start you on a journey of continuous progress towards your Growth Objectives.
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1. Discover

2. Strategy Roadmap

3. Implementation

4. Go-to-Market

5. A360° Actualization

Together, we discover the essence of your brand and business and explore the future possibilities.
  • Discovery workshops
  • Competitor research
  • Positioning mapping
  • Customer profiling
  • Market research

Case Studies

We have 15 years of experience – helping brands scale up and enter new regional markets.
Brand Transformation
Business Process Transformation
Business Strategy Development
Franchise Development

Our Expertise

We house industry practitioners across multiple consumer & business verticals:
Food & Beverage Services
Wellness & Beauty
Talent Management

Our Clients

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