Franchise Growth Program

Increase Brand Value

Franchise Growth program

Our Growth strategists transform and uncover ​brand value as we work with you to open up new markets.​ Our strong regional network and systematic 3 step lead generation Program are designed to filter and qualify leads for the optimal franchisor and franchisee fit.

Begin Your Growth Journey

Premium Partner

Access a complete Market entry program :
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Localised Franchise Marketing
  • Localised and Targeted Lead Generation
  • Brand Representation
  • Manage Sales Process
  • Quarterly report for the duration of the 12-month agreement.
  • Upfront and Success fees apply

Social Partner

Opportunistic Brand Representation:
  • Standard Top Franchise Asia placements
  • Inclusion in generic events and activities
  • Non Exclusive Brand Representation
  • No reports
  • Only Success fees apply

Market Entry Strategy

  • Territory Landscape Analysis
  • Industry Competitors
  • Commercial terms localisation

Franchise Marketing

  • Advertising on Top Franchise Aisa
  • Content Generation
  • Social Media Engagement Design
  • Astreem Representation at Events
  • Prefered participatory prizing at Astreem Driven Activities

Lead Generation

  • Develop Franchisee Profile
  • Develop Targeted Lead Generation
  • Design and Manage Franchisee Recruitment Campaign
  • Qualified Leads
  • Manage Franchisor Franchisee Engagements
  • Manage Franchise Engagement Clarification

Astreem’s Franchise Growth Program

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