Brand Transformation

Positioning, Articulation & IP

To Increase Revenue Streams

Growth – Focused Branding

At Astreem, we work with business leaders to build scalable Brands demonstrated through tangible growth. Our Brand Consultants start the Brand transformation with the growth strategy in mind, connecting the non-linear dots to build Exponential value for our Brand owners.

Our Brand Transformation Services:

1. Brand Audit

Audit of your existing brand through stakeholder research, IP & asset reviews.

Identifies current areas of Brand Value and areas with potential value gains.

2. Competitor Scan

Competitor research for targeted markets, competitive brand environment.

Identifies key benchmark competitors and their comparative offerings.

3. Market Research

Market research on industry directions, trends.

Identifies untapped market opportunities for the brand.

4. Brand Insights

Review current and hidden value generators within the brand to build a growth roadmap.

Identifies unique brand opportunities for further growth and sustainable value.

5. Brand Strategy Development & Documentation

Development and documentation of brand strategy briefs across positioning, marcomms, portfolio

A brand strategy playbook to brief your team and vendors.

6. Brand & Logo Design

Design of logo and visual identity elements.

Key visual brand identity assets to represent the brand.

7. Brand Paradigm

Co-create unique
brand paradigm

Used as a reference point for broad brand identity, strategy and value touchpoints.

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