How Conrad Maintenance elevated its Value Proposition to its targeted Clients

Conrad Maintenance is the leading provider of premium cleaning and facility maintenance solutions for MNCs since 2003 in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Ensuring its brand proposition remains relevant to its target market, the management at Conrad Maintenance undertook a Brand transformation project and worked with Astreem’s Brand consultants for a complete brand image uplift.

Maintenance Services Brand Transformation

Because of their impeccable services, Conrad Maintenance is an important partner to international multi-national corporations (MNC) wherein maintaining quality standards impacts the efficiency and sustainability of their businesses.

The brand identity of Conrad Maintenance is to focus on only delivering the best quality. Their desired brand strategy was to position the company so that the target audience immediately understands Conrad Maintenance’s commitment to delivering the best and most sustainable facility maintenance solutions, especially to their MNC clients.

Thus, Quality became the backbone of what Conrad Maintenance has come to stand for. Conrad Maintenance Clients, for whom impeccably maintained facilities are their mainstay, rely on them to ensure the smooth operations of their business with little downtime. Ultimately “Quality You Can Trust” became the tagline that was distilled.

Conrad Maintenance Brand Collaterals

Brand Logo

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Conrad Maintenance Vehicles

Conrad Maintenance Vehicles

Conrad Maintenance Website Transformation

Conrad Maintenance Services Landing Page

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Conrad Maintenance Services Web Pages


“Astreem helped us define our brand proposition and uplifted our brand image. As our brand consultant, they helped us map our brand transformation journey and articulate our value proposition to our international clients.

By enhancing its brand proposition, Conrad Maintenance is now able to showcase the extent of our excellent and professional process when it comes to all things related to facility maintenance. Working with a brand consultant has definitely made Conrad Maintenance stand out against its competitors.”

Raymond Ng

Founder, Conrad Maintenance

Astreem, Conrad’s brand consultant, transformed the image of Conrad Maintenance from a  traditional facility brand to one that is not only modern and relevant to its clients but also attracts talents who take pride in the pursuit of quality and excellence.

The brand transformation exercise with the guidance of our experienced consultant has accentuated the true value of Conrad Maintenance. This successful brand strategy has led many clients to praise Conrad Maintenance’s services:

“I can have peace of mind when Conrad Maintenance is so willing to invest time and effort to train their staff to maintain the impeccable standards our F&B Clients expect from us.”

“We know we are in good hands with Conrad because their facility maintenance standards are often even more stringent than our own!”

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