What We Do

We bring exceptional tangible
value to businesses through discovering unexplored intangible assets.

We help companies fully realise the potential value of their brands and businesses by making the intangible Intellectual Property tangible through active go-to-market implementation strategies.

How Do We Do it

We connect your brands with
partners and markets who would find them most valuable.

Our Services


Brand Transformation

Increase revenue streams

We maximise your brand equity and potential IP exploitation through delivering Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning & Brand Communication Articulation.



Franchise Operations Excellence Management

Leverage Technology to increase Sales and improve efficiency

This is an ALL-IN-ONE franchise management technology that provides franchisors with multiple Operational Optimizing tools necessary to help brands scale


Growth Management

Increase brand financial value

Our growth strategists uncover and transform business channels to crystallise your growth pathways for your brand to fully realise its financial value.


Franchise System Development

Increase international footprint

Our franchise experts develop end-to-end Franchise systems, from Strategy, Operations Documentation, Legal Documentation to Franchise Management systems for sustainable franchise growth.

Franchise Opportunities

We connect you with like-minded partners in our network and beyond

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Up to 80% subsidy to improve your core capabilities and transform your brand growth.

If you are a Qualifying Singapore-based company seeking to invest in improving your core capabilities, you can consider leveraging the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) from Enterprise Singapore to potentially defray up to 80* of the project cost.

*Maximum support level will continue to be applicable  from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2021


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