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Step-by-Step Guide to Business Process Reengineering: Principles, Best Practices and Successful Examples

Business process reengineering (BPR), also known as business process transformation, focuses on the analysis and redesign of core business practices. It’s used by businesses to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in the workflow, resulting in improvements in productivity and quality. Benefits of Business Process Reengineering Increases Competitive Advantage BPR helps an organisation to focus on its […]

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Fundraising for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Having sufficient capital to grow your business is a very important aspect of your business journey. Knowing when to raise capital and get access to sufficient quantum can be one of the most critical aspects of building a successful business. Business owners will likely need to seek investment dollars at different points in the life […]

What is Process Improvement in Businesses?

Also known as Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a constant process of identifying, analysing and improving existing processes within your business. BPI is used with the purpose of meeting the organisation’s growing or changing goals by minimising errors, reducing waste, improving productivity and streamlining efficiency. Why Process Improvement is Important Boosts […]

Franchise as a Growth Strategy

On the 5th of September, FLA, [email protected] and Astreem Consulting Conducted an overwhelming event at the Lifelong Learning Centre. As each passionate speaker addressed the SMEs and provided invaluable information on how to grow their business, the audience was equally interested and engaged. “Business Process Transformation and Franchising as a growth strategy must go hand […]

Preparing for an AI Future

With constant industry automation and innovation transforming the new future, the playing field is constantly reshaping into an open world unrestricted by geographical lines. This year at SMEICC event, Astreem Consulting’s very own Hsien Naidu, was invited as one of the panel speakers as a domain expert under Track 1.1 – “MAKE-UP OF A FORWARD-LOOKING […]

Is it time for a Business Process Transformation?

Are your teams getting frustrated by simple processes such as locating documents? Or does your team spend precious resources and time to perform data entry? Wondering how you can improve your business operations and increases those profits? Overhead costs are fast rising, which means that your business needs to constantly audit operations and streamline your […]

Taking your Franchise to Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries that franchise owners often enquire about when thinking about brand expansion. The close proximity of Jakarta to Singapore and the number of Indonesians that come through Singapore gives Singapore brands a happy unfair advantage in Indonesia. Singapore brands are well received and offer a great balance of International appeal […]

Implementing Change Management to ensure successful Business Process Transformation

Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with the transition or transformation of an organization’s goals, processes or technologies, often through the process of Business Process Transformation. More recently, this Change management is not something that is reserved for the large enterprises but something that almost all companies large and small need to engage […]

What is process improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a singular initiative or project to improve the alignment and performance of a particular process with the organizational strategy and customer expectations. BPI includes the selection, analysis, design, and implementation of the (improved) process. The Importance of Efficient Processes The various kinds of processes have one thing in common: they’re […]

Your Franchise Development Strategy

Developing your Franchise Strategy Every business is unique and develops its own business plan. Similarly in Franchise development, Each business needs to develop its own unique franchise strategy. Whilst many businesses have grown to become international giants through franchising, the road to successful franchising can be complex. Franchising is about more than just the legal agreement […]

7 Steps To Developing Better Audits

Audits are key to improving the operational performance in any multi store operation. Both Internal and external Audits help to ensure compliance and consistency in successful business management. However, audits are only useful when designed correctly, easily implemented and provide insights to help managers make decisions. Audit programs are designed to improve operational standards, improve […]

Develop Your Own Audit Programs to Increase Your Brand Performance

Increase your Brand Profitability through increased Productivity. Are you a Singapore business owner or operations manager who is wondering why all the profit you used to make has reduced over the years. Are you in search of fresh business ideas that improve profitability ratios? Given that High Rentals and Human Resource restrictions are external forces […]

Redesign and Automate Your Business Process to Increase your Business’ Profitability

Are you a Singapore business owner or operations manager who is wondering why all the profit you used to make has reduced over the years. Are you in search of fresh business ideas that improve profitability ratios? Given that High Rentals and Human Resource restrictions are external forces that we, as small business owners and […]

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Guide to Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for Businesses in Singapore

Not sure if you can qualify for the EDG grant or how to go about doing so? The answers to these questions can all be found here.

Internationalizing Your Brand through Franchising – Are you Ready?

You started your own business and it was an exciting affair, especially since, nothing could beat the thrill of being your own boss. Over time you have then set the systems in place, figured out what works and what doesn’t and you have grown your business locally. Now you think this is the right time […]

The “Golden Age” of the Chinese Education Market

The “Golden Age” of the Chinese education market is fast approaching. The huge gap between spending power and the quality of education urge foreign companies to seize a share of this market. Opportunities: Chinese government policies reveal its determination to fully support industrialization of the education market. One of the development goals in the 13th […]

Transform Lives While Owning a Profitable Business

“Nothing is more exciting and adventurous because they are so imaginative and are at such a crucial age of their development,” said Jose Bello, a Soccajoeys franchise owner since 2010, on the idea of working with children. The demand for quality children development programs is accelerating, particularly in South East Asia. Modern parents are becoming […]