Franchise Operations Excellence Management


Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency & Quality
Franchise organisations that focus on Franchise Operations Excellence Management as a strategy not only build stronger franchisee networks but also deliver a combination of quality, promise, and service to their end customers. This in turn builds franchisee confidence, which attracts even more franchisees into the franchise network. Look after your franchisees and their franchise unit success, and the overall franchise network will continue to grow.
Franchise Operations Excellence Management is the successful implementation and integration of building blocks that add value to franchisees. These Franchise Operations Excellence Management building blocks are:

1. Franchise Unit Excellence

Individual Franchisee Units

2. Strong Franchise Operations


3. High-Performing Work Teams



This is an ALL-IN-ONE franchise management technology that provides franchisors multiple Operational Optimizing tool necessary to help brands scale. Franchisors can overcome the chaos and confusion and misalignment of scaling their franchise by implementing Operational manuals, training and audits and offer data driven reports on one holistic platform. Leveraging Franchise Management Technology, Astreem offers an Operations Excellence Management program that helps brands ensure consistency, efficiency, and profitability across all franchise locations, help them replicate their operations, enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and reduce the time needed to achieve Returns on Investment (ROI).

Invest in your business. Put in the time and resources to create a firm foundation for your business based on solid processes, well documented manuals, scalable training, and audit programs. Lay the foundations so that your business can scale as far as your dreams. You will be thankful for this decision when you achieve your targeted business milestone.

What Does the OpEx Management Program cover?

1. Goal Alignment

2. Brand Content Onboarding

3. Platform User Certification

4. Franchise Performance Scorecards

5. Dashboard Report

6. Consultant Coaching across a 12-month period


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