Core360 overcomes multi-service brand challenge with Brand Transformation

Core BPM has been in the business of bringing World-Class Business Process Management Suites to various industries in South East Asia. This technology can help business owners leverage technology to streamline their business processes, increase efficiency, reduce redundancy because everyone knows what to do next and where to drive profit.

The business was borne out of deep technical expertise and needed a more customer-driven messaging to convey its business proposition. They sought a brand consultant who could help them develop a business-driven brand transformation to help them better communicate their brand and business case to their targeted sectors.

In order to communicate their future-forward agile, efficient and complete business management suite, Astreem, as their preferred brand consultant, working with the management team to distil the business’s core business intent and its intended brand positioning. Through a series of interviews and workshops, a completely new brand was unveiled.


What were some of the Challenges encountered in the course of delivering this project?

“When a company offers multiple services, it can be difficult for the business owners to identify which of these services should be of focus in communicating their brand. Often times, our clients end up offering too much , which can lead to information overload. Our role as brand consultant is to offer a 3rd party’s perspective, conduct the necessary research from key customer segments to offer useful perspectives and guide brand owners towards a more consumer centric approach.” 

Hsien Naidu

Principal Consultant

By working with Astreem brand consultants, Core BPM aptly agreed to rename themselves Core 360. Core 360 embodies the brand identity and mission the founders of the business intended.


Now known as Core360, the business management suite now has a completely new Brand Architecture, integrating different solutions, including Core360 Retail, Core360 F&B and Core360 Wellness.


Given the desire to present a  more consumer-centric, tech-savvy and business-driven segment, the Core360 team worked with Astreem to deliver a crisp, approachable, optimistic and cutting edge brand identity.

Together with Astreem, the brand transformation was focused on how the business owner would interact with the Core360 website leading to a call to action.


Core360 Website Rebranding

The Core360 technology takes care of all processes from the front-of-the-house duties such as point of sale, inventory management, procurement, warehousing, sales, accounting, and human resource management covering the 360 degrees needed for business owners to run their business effectively.

Core350 was able to overcome multi-service brand challenges. With a new brand image and a revamped website, Core360 can proudly offer its services to the target audience with no hassle and no worry.

” We wanted the website to be our business’s storefront and wanted to leverage that to actively increase our leads. Our brand consultant’s advice from Astreem was to focus on the customer journey and develop compelling landing pages that motivate our potential clients to act. “

Ardan Peddell



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