Environment, Safety and Sustainability consultancy undergoes Brand Transformation to augment digital visibility

Environment, Safety and Sustainability consultancy undergoes Brand Transformation to augment digital visibility

EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC) is the leading Environment, Safety and Sustainability consultancy in Asia with more than 17 years of experience. ESC is an exclusive member of the Inogen alliance in 3 countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and actively targets clients from the ASEAN region.

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Overcoming Branding Challenges

Prospects lacked understanding of the real value ESC delivers. The brand was sandwiched between the big global top-tier brand names and the lower-spec, lower-cost local consultancies. Hence, it was difficult for new prospects to see the true quality and value ESC can deliver.


As a high-level sustainability consultancy, ESC needed to ensure that their brand-level messaging is effective, beyond simply showcasing their technical competency and expertise. There was a need to highlight the differentiating factors that made ESC the best value choice for key clients. 

The Brand Transformation Process 

In order to deliver the desired business outcomes of this Brand transformation project, brand exploration workshops were conducted ESC’s core team using the A360 methodology to garner different perspectives. External stake holders were also interviewed to secure a balanced view.

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Brand Transformation Findings

 Through the workshops, research and analysis, Astreem and ESC were able to understand more about both internal and external client perception from various engagement trigger points.

The goal for this exercise was to understand brand positioning and value that the company is seeing to portray and align current potential brand value areas. The Goal was to position ESC shoulder to shoulder with global industry giants.

  • Regional Presence
  • Deep Multidisciplinary experts
  • Local regulatory experts

Brand Transformation Strategy

Astreem took a two-pronged communication approach to the market:

  • Sector-specific technical expertise – To highlight authority and competence, the words and tone used for copy will remain technical to benchmark and win nearest competitors.
  • Broad brand-based values messaging and positioning – ESC has a distinct brand personality and reputation to date. Through highlighting core brand ideas around key differentiation factors & brand equity that ESC already has, the brand was transformed to stand out.

Brand Positioning Statement

“EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC) is the leading Environment, Safety and Sustainability consultancy in Asia. Our international and multidisciplinary teams are uniquely equipped with Local Knowledge and Global Expertise to address your complex sustainability challenges.”

From this statement, the brand tonality and the communications were rebranded to highlight the actions ESC will commit to for their customers.

All throughout the communications, ESC’s advantages over the competition were constantly showcased:

  1. Local Knowledge, Global Expertise
  2. Delivering Value to Your Projects
  3. Purpose-Fit Solutions
  4. Comprehensive and integrated solutions provider
  5. Unparalleled track record in Asia
ESC website
ESC sell sheets

Design and communications were developed and iterated for immediate implementation in the company’s touchpoints such as the website, brochures, and print collaterals. 

The goal of the redesign was to provide a clear understanding to prospects starting with the website, ESC’s digital storefront.

The website was retooled to be more client-centric. Increasing lead generation was a priority along with improving the various web functionalities that were critical to the sales process.

Clarity and cohesiveness were also the goals for the redesign of the brochures and sell sheets.

Content Strategy Overview

To support ESC’s ongoing engagement with their targeted market, a content strategy that comprised a good balance of functional content and brand personality was curated.

Case studies and articles were published and rewritten to update prospects on ESC’s successful projects. The presentation style allowed the readers to reflect if the same solution can be applied to their companies.

The content was also search engine optimised to ensure ESC’s visibility using distinct and industry-related keywords in search engines.


In summary, this Brand Transformation journey took place in 3 distinct phases.

  • Brand Discovery
  • New Brand Paradigm Strategy Creation
  • Brand Strategy Design and Content Implementation

 To achieve the goals of a rebranding project, an unwavering focus on the goal of clear communications is vital.

Prospects, in different stages of the marketing and sales funnel, require varying degrees of brand communications approach but in a nutshell, all content had to be clear and valuable for them.

Being able to articulate ESC’s brand’s expertise and commitment to providing value to their targeted client segment will allow the brand to maximise the possibilities of a business-driven focused brand transformation.

“I have been impressed with (Astreem) their knowledge and professionalism and the feedback from our brand team has been very positive.

I appreciate the way in which this brand transformation project “ has all come together and the final outcome is very much pleasing!”

– Frank Ganendran Group CEO

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