Astreem Diagnostic Tool

Is it time to Re-brand?

As a business grows and matures, it evolves. What worked in the past may no
longer work as well in constantly changing external conditions. Take this quick
test to get a gauge on whether this is the time to consider rebranding to
propel your brand growth.

  1. Does your brand reflect the image you are trying to portray to your targeted customers?
  2. Does the brand positioning match your desired price positioning?
  3. Is your brand still relevant to your targeted clients?
  4. Are you able to trademark your brand in the territories you are doing business in or seek to do business in?
  5. Can your clients easily recall and identify your brand?
  6. Do your clients know what your brand stands for?
  7. Are your brand communication messages consistent across all touchpoints?
  8. Have you changed your logo and brand communication messages in the last 5 years?
  9. Are you seeking to attract a new group of targeted customers?
  10. Do you need to change what your brand stands for in the eyes of your clients?
  11. Do you wish to differentiate your brand proposition against competitors?
  12. Do you wish to give your logo a general uplift to keep the logo relevant?