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Jal Yoga has been bringing authentic Yoga, Pilates and Ayurveda classes to the Singapore market since 2017. Today Jal Yoga is present in 5 convenient locations and intend to keep growing.

As the practice of yoga has reached a high level of popularity, there has also been a greater demand for Authentic Yoga as practiced according to its Lineages. The market is ready to embrace the value of authentic Yoga practice and this is the time to share their knowledge and business experience with Yoga enthusiasts in the region. 

The world is seeing a tremendous upturn in staying healthy and being in tune with your inner wellness. People are now more aware of the importance of Wellbeing and overall fitness now more than ever before.

The success of Jal Yoga lies in our uncompromising emphasis on:


The Road Map



1. Discovery

The Jal Yoga and Astreem team worked together to first understand the intellectual property that exists in business model, discovering what must be protected, what needs to be documented so effective replication is possible and more importantly how to maintain sustainable quality standards as the business grows.

2. Regional Market research

The next step was to understand where Jal Yoga is positioned amongst its competitors both in its home country and in targeted markets. Being well positioned in each market and understanding the dynamics that influence consumer behaviour will go a long way to positively impact the franchisee’s success. Pulling on both internal and external data, Astreem set about developing the franchise strategy, using the single unit as a starting point. 


3. Standard Operations Protocol Development

Simultaneously, in order to ensure replicability of individual studios,   the Franchise operations team started to develop the Standard Outlet Operations Documentation. In order to successfully franchise into the region, Jal Yoga also needed to develop a Franchise Operations Management Manual to guide the Franchisees in their management of the Jal Yoga  the Brand and its franchise network as a whole. 

4. Franchisee Recruitment Process

Once the strategy was developed, we then went about designing the communication of the Jal Yoga franchise opportunity so that potential franchisees are able to quickly understand the Franchise Opportunity and if it would suit their personal investment profile. Other critical franchisee recruitment documentation were also developed to enhance maximum protection and manage franchisee expectations.

5. Franchise Management Technology

To ensure that all franchisees are kept up to date, Jal Yoga opted to manage their franchise leveraging an integrated digital franchise management platform. this Franchise Management Platform helps franchisees manage their operational processes, training and audit implementation to maintain consistent service standards across the studios.


The Outcome

Through this project, Jal Yoga has managed to develop an extremely comprehensive Franchise system that combines modern business practices with an authentic Yoga experience that is steeped in the ancient lineages of authenticity.

Jal Yoga has mastered the art of championing authentic Yoga. It is evident from the way they communicate their beliefs, the artful way the combine traditional yoga lineages with digital applications, melting art into technology seamlessly.

They offer franchisees who seek a franchise solution that bridges the passion of the authentic yoga practice and  sound business strategy. Through this franchise project, they have mastered two things that are critical in any franchise system:

  1. Quality Operations Management
  2. Ability to replicate these quality operations

They know that the key to operating a successful Jal Yoga franchise is the uncompromising effort in ensuring sustainability in quality operations. Jal Yoga has developed very stringent Certification program and management applications to  enable its team to address both back and front end needs to ensure this consistency.


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