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Singapore, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam


Conrad Maintenance Services [CMS] is the leading provider of premium cleaning and facility maintenance solutions since 2003 in Singapore, now ready for franchising. Commercial & industrial clients in Singapore and Southeast Asia have been loyal to Conrad’s effective and reliable services.

CMS is a professional cleaning service and maintenance services provider and an important partner to clients for whom maintaining quality standards impacts the efficiency and sustainability of their business. Clients in the MNC, Food & Beverage, and Industrial sectors, who are subject to high levels of cleanliness, particularly value the consistent quality standards provided by Conrad Maintenance Services.

Raymond Ng, Founder of Conrad Maintenance, strongly believes in the value of consistent quality service through developing strict Standard Operations Protocol, Consistent Training for the Cleaning specialists and the Products they use.

CMS provides commercial, industrial, and office clients with premium yet cost-effective cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance solutions. It is the leading service provider of high-tech disinfection solutions and a leader in cleaning technology and standards.

In light of COVID 19, it has become imminently clear that maintaining a clean and disinfected environment is no longer an option but necessary daily upkeep. The need for distinction between marginal cleaning service and quality maintenance is very evident. As more and more companies understand the value of preventive measures and the impact they can have on reducing business downtime, the market for Premium Quality is increasing exponentially.

Today, Conrad Maintenance has perfected its methodology and is ready to share its know-how through a franchise system.

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services Franchise Opportunity

The Conrad Maintenance Franchise System offers Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Maintenance know-how and best practices. It is made up of 2 modules:

  1. The Conrad Maintenance Service Franchise and
  2. The Conrad Maintenance Disinfecting Franchise.

Potential franchisees may choose either or both based on what fits their business profile.

The Conrad Maintenance Service Franchise targets entrepreneurs who serve Industrial, Commercial MNCs and industries requiring precision and high-quality cleaning standards. Companies rely on a clean environment as a basic requirement to execute their main business activities safely and worry-free.

The Conrad Maintenance Disinfecting Franchise, on the other hand, is a unique Franchise system with

– a proprietary line of Eco-friendly products,
– low start-up costs,
– high project delivery efficacy, and
– highly scalable.

This franchise is suitable for entrepreneurs who are already in the business of providing services to MNCs and are well networked with the Industrial, Logistics, and Banking sectors. This is an easy-to-run and low start-up business, that requires professional training by the franchisor. The key to success to run this franchise depends on a strong network and sales and management skillsets.

The Conrad Maintenance Franchise is listed in Top Franchise Asia.

For more info on Conrad Maintenance, (i.e. franchise fee and initial capital) you can check the summary below. For a direct inquiry, please fill out the form below and we’d be happy to assist you on your way to becoming a Disinfecting Service Franchisee.



Year of establishment2003
Country of Origin
Number of UnitsNA
Franchise OptionsSG - (SUF)
International: Master Franchise (Case by Case)
Franchise Fee SUFSGD15K
Royalty SUF0%
Single Unit Term3 years
Marketing Investment5% of Revenue
Supplies Investment (SUF)$23,420
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