How Franchisors can improve their Franchisee’s Franchise Lifecycle Experience

Franchisees are the individual units that combine to form a strong franchise organisation. A franchise model is not a mere alternative to corporate-owned stores; instead, when correctly executed, a franchise system should be run as a new business model apart from the brand. What is needed to run corporate-owned units may be different from what is needed by franchisees, who are running the same brand but not within the corporate structure. Franchisors often think of Franchisees as separate entities and may not have a clear idea of where the relationship between franchisors should sit.

Brand Transformation

Business Process Transformation

Growth Management

Franchise Development

Jal Yoga Franchise Development

Jal Yoga Franchise Development

Through this project, Jal Yoga has managed to develop an extremely comprehensive Franchise system that combines modern business practices with an authentic Yoga experience that is steeped in the ancient lineages of authenticity. They know that the key to operating a successful Jal Yoga franchise is the uncompromising effort in ensuring sustainability in quality operations.

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