The Importance of Quality Franchise Operations Management


Quality control is essential to the success of any organization and this is especially true for franchises. A franchisor and business owner’s key objective should be to sustain quality operations standards throughout its entire franchise system as it grows.


A franchise system based on quality franchise operations management best practices can  help both franchisors and franchisees:

  • Maintain consistent product and service quality for all outlet
  • Instil customer service confidence
  • Build Brand Equity
  • Plan pro-active actions
  • Become more cost- and resource-efficient
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce mistakes

Establishing and maintaining Franchise management quality is the key to sustainable growth for the franchise. Over focus on franchisee recruitment and pressure to build sales without equal emphasis on ensuring quality franchise operations management can ultimately lead to the downfall of franchise brands.

What are the Key Quality Franchise Operations Management Success factors?

The Key drivers are comprised of a combination of qualitative and quantitative performance factors.

1. Identify Your All-Star Franchisee Profile

The success of any franchise begins with the franchisee. The franchisee is an extension of the brand whilst bringing their unique perspective and value add to the team. It is important that franchisors look for potential franchisees that fit their culture, and management system. The more diverse the franchisee profiles are, the more customised the franchise management programme has to be. Over customisation to offer specific care to different profiles will drain the franchisor organisation’s resources. As the franchisor’s role is to guide franchisees and shorten their learning curve, it is important to be able to document the tools needed for growth systematically. If all franchisee profiles are different, then the level of customised attention increases, making it more difficult to systemise the franchise management system across the franchise network.
Other than the ideal all-star franchisee profile, another key characteristic is to seek franchisees who are motivated to thrive. Motivated franchisees are more likely to ensure quality and to offer customers high-quality products and service that are consistent with the brand’s standards.


2. Develop Clear and Concise Standard Operations Protocol (SOP)

The Franchisee’s role is to replicate the franchisor’s success. In order to do that, the processes carried out by the different departments of the franchise need to be documented. A well-documented SOP is an essential starting point for quality Franchise Operations management. Roles and responsibilities need to be clearly explained so everyone in the various departments knows what they need to A clearly documented SOP does not only ensure Quality franchise Operations but is also an extension of the Franchise agreement, expanding on all the areas of compliance and quality performance statements that are aimed at helping the franchisee perform its role as a franchisee.


3. Develop Systematic Training Program

Using the SOP as a foundation, specific training programs are then designed so that Franchisee at all levels are equipped to deliver quality service levels consistently. For example, franchisees undergo an intense planned training course, which includes a training on each key area of operations that impact the quality of operations.

This approach ensures that every key service and operations has the same high-quality practices implemented across the board. With this in mind, it is important that franchisors, regardless of their industry, customize their training materials based on the franchisees’ markets. But it is important to do so with aim of providing a product or service that is consistent with the brand’s core identity so as to ensure consistent franchise quality.

4. Offer Ongoing Support to ensure Franchise Quality Operations

Even though an intensive training process is crucial, that is just the first step towards quality franchise operations management. In order to ensure consistency over the franchise term, Franchisors need to provide ongoing support for their franchisees. Whether it is in the form of hands-on or remote support, it is important to maintain an open line of communication with the franchisees.

Many franchisors leverage Franchise Operations Management Technology to help to facilitate open communications and track performance. This franchise management technology helps franchisors easily update franchisees on any new developments, implement new trainings either on-site or remotely, implement store performance audits, track progress on specific projects and most importantly work proactively with their franchisees to discuss their performance based on benchmarks.

5. Implement Franchise Quality Operations management Practices from Day One

If Franchisees are not briefed on the quality franchise Operations management practices from the very beginning, it becomes more difficult to get the franchisees to comply after they have already developed their own expectations. This will make it more difficult for the franchisor to ensure franchise Quality Operations across a franchise network.

Quality Franchise Operations Management requires commitment, both on the part of the franchisors and their franchisees. Whilst it is a big conscious effort, ensuring that Franchise Operations quality is maintained will go a long way to the profitability and sustainability of the franchise.

Can my business benefit from implementing franchise quality Operations Management?

Many Successful franchise systems that believe that Quality Franchise Operations Management is the cornerstone of sustainable franchise growth invest time and effort to customise their Franchise Management system. Most of them leverage the Tree AMS Franchise Management technology to help them quickly implement, train and onboard their franchisees. These franchises come from a wide range of industry sectors:

Food & beverage Sector: Joe & Dough, Springleaf Prata, Isteaks and Barcook

Fitness & Health Sector: Jal Yoga, Spartans Boxing Club

Education Sector: Growing Up Gifted

Service Sector: Conrad Maintenance

Grant Support for Qualifying Singapore SMEs to develop Quality Franchise Management Systems

To encourage Singapore Business owners to build sustainable Franchise Management systems in today’s digitally transformed business environment, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) has crafted some Government Grants to help reduce the financial burden Business owners face when they focus on Digitalising their Business Operations and Franchise Operations Management Systems.

If you are a Singapore Owned business, find out more about these government grants.

If you are a Singapore Owned business, find out more about these government grants.

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