Astreem Diagnostic Tool

Does my business needs a Franchise Management System

Is your Business Franchised?

  1. How many Franchisee(s) do you have?
  2. In how many Countries are your Franchisee(s) Located?

  4. How many franchise team do you have to manage your Franchisee(s)?
  5. How often do you visit your Franchisee(s)? (No of visits per year)
  6. How do you communicate with your Franchisee(s)?
  7. When you have a new franchisee, how do you track their progress until the Franchisee is ready to operate?
  8. SOP

  9. Do you have a written SOP?
  10. How often do you update your SOP?
  11. AUDIT

  12. Do you have an audit system to ensure compliance to your Franchisee(s)? How do you conduct them?
  13. After conducting the audits, how do you communicate your findings to your Franchisee(s)?
  14. For any audited items that the Franchisee(s) does not comply with your policy, how will the Franchisee(s) revert back?

  16. Upon any new product launch, do you need to train your Franchisee(s)?
  17. "Is the training accompanied by assessment?"

  19. Do you set a sales performance benchmark for you Franchisee(s)?
  20. Do you set an audit performance benchmark for you Franchisee(s)?
  21. How do you track your Franchisee(s)' sales performance?