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Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia

Jal Yoga has been bringing authentic Yoga, Pilates and Ayurveda classes to the Singapore market since 2017. Today Jal Yoga is present in 5 convenient locations and intend to keep growing.

What makes Jal Yoga different from other yoga studios?

  1. Hot Yoga is offered using the best in Infrared heat that penetrates the body, improving blood circulation, enhancing oxygenation and relaxing muscles. This has proven beneficial for yoga enthusiasts who rely on their discipline to help alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain conditions, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia.
  2. Yoga, pilates and barre is offered under one roof
  3. Jal Yoga offers a unique selection of authentic yoga lineages around the world to design their classes

Jal Yoga offers not only in-studio experiences but also makes available to the time poor customers the omni channel experience. From a franchise perspective, Jal Yoga offers franchisees the benefit of not only their operational know-how and expertise in training and certification of teachers but also the benefit of sharing their deep experience as pioneers in therapeutic Yoga.

The Jal Yoga Franchise is not only about the practice of Yoga but a chance for franchisees who are passionate about overall wellbeing to build a highly profitable Franchise through multiple revenue streams whilst doing what they love.

Franchisees can look forward to a very well rounded franchise program that provides them with not only the know-how in running the business operations and best practices but also support leveraging digital technology in the form of the Jal App and Jal Digital library that is targeted at enhancing the client’s Jal Yoga experience.

If you are interested in being a part of the fast-growing Pilates and Yoga Industry, find out if Jal Yoga’s Core belief’s and business model suits your business ambitions.


Franchise FeeSGD 125,000 City-based franchise area rights
Franchise Term8 + 8 years
Minimum no. of studios5
Studio FeesSGD 20,000 per studio (from 6th studio onwards)
Studio Royalty10%
Estimated investmentSGD 160,000 (exclude deposits)
Single Unit Franchise Fee in Singapore50k and 7% plus 10% for marketing
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