Franchise Power-Up Seminars: Discover How to Successfully Turn Your Business into a Successful Franchise

Want to grow your business through franchising? Start a successful franchise business with the experience of industry experts and know more to accelerate your growth.

March 11, 2023


Online Via Zoom


Hsien Naidu

Principal Consultant of Astreem Consulting








Discover how franchising helps you grow your business faster! Register today for the FREE COURSE LIVE VIA ZOOM. Gain insight from a leading voice in the regional franchise arena to supercharge your brand’s growth. Take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship with step-by-step guidance to help you launch and grow your franchise system with confidence.

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20 years of Consulting experience

240 clients across SouthEast Asia

12 award-winning brands

Offices across SouthEast Asia

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Your opportunity to step into the franchising world and jumpstart your brand.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your revenue, expand your brand image, or open multiple locations, without the hassle of capital and operational management, franchising may be a profitable option. Learn to win at franchising with this free online live course, learning straight from franchise industry experts. Compete with the best and gain the edge.

Who should attend our sessions?
  • For Business Owners Considering Franchise
  • New business owners curious about franchising



Discover how to build a highly successful franchise business

  1. How can Franchising help my business scale?
  2. Is my business suitable for Franchising?
  3. What do I need to do to prepare my business?
  4. What are my processes
  5. When should I start franchising?
  6. Can I afford to get on the franchise journey?
  7. How do I get started
  8. Bonus Session

March 11, 2023


Online Via Zoom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend this Franchise Power-up Seminar?

Franchisors and Business Owners willing to franchise their businesses.

Is it really free?

Yes, because like Zoom, Spotify and Google, we use the “Freemium” marketing method but more importantly we truly believe that the franchise model, when executed the way it was meant to be can bring endless positive growth for the franchisor and its franchisees. We feel that franchising is not as adopted as it could be because business owners either don’t know enough about the topic, is sceptical because of the experience of some franchisors or franchisees, think the franchise system is too complex, or that it will take up too much upfront capital investment.

We hope that through participating in our programs, more business owners will realise that capital investment is the least of the BIG investments needed to succeed in franchising. Rather, the greatest investment is to be made in developing the franchisor mindset, developing a strong management team and leveraging the right technology for every level of franchise development. We do this so that more business owners get an idea of the journey ahead and if they wish to learn more about our paid Franchise growth mentoring and quality franchise management solutions that help them scale their franchises, we are happy to support them!

How is this program different from other franchise programs?

There are many unique areas but here are 5!   

  1. Experience—we’ve been doing this since 2005 and have helped over 240 Brand owners across Asia.

We have been handling the Franchise strategy development of large and small companies,  IP management strategies, Market entry plans, Franchise Marketing, Franchise Operations Management, Franchisee Compliance and Franchise Recruitment since 2005. 

Through our multi-faceted experience with franchisors across different industries and countries, you will achieve franchise growth sustainability faster because we know what works, what technology you should be focusing on and what you need to focus on so you do not waste precious time back paddling after you have already pushed ahead and secured your first franchisees. Remember, starting right will always be more cost and time effective than having to go back to correct mistakes! 

  1. Vetted Experts – We are experts in our niche of helping business owners develop franchise strategies, developing franchise management systems and mentoring franchisors as they scale their franchises.

Our franchisors remain with our HQ consulting firm as they grow, from a few outlets to many, from home country to international sores. We are selective with who we work with. We don’t work with everyone. We work with brand owners who have set their minds on leveraging the franchise model as their preferred mode of growth and are ready to invest time and resources into making franchise the companywide central mode of growth. 

  1. Structured Learning – We give people a step-by-step structure to achieve results.

Regardless of where you are on the franchise development journey, we have a workshop to address your current franchise system development needs. We found most Franchise consultants promise you amazing results without highlighting the commitment and challenges franchising entails. We believe in the transparency information and do not understate the amount of commitment is needed by you, the franchisor and your team. With the help of technology, we are able to offer you a step by step process you can follow  to ensure you have the information you need to grow your business.  

  1. What makes Astreem Franchise Power Up so different?
  1. We have a total of 3 levels and at each level, we offer you 6 to 8 steps you need to take so you have all the necessary information to achieve the outcome at each level. 
  2. We want franchisors to know what they need to do and that there are many pathways to get to their franchise objectives. 
  3. We provide the tools franchisors need to help them build their franchisee network sustainably. 
  4. We really want to share best practices with franchisors 
  5. There really isn’t so much real content about franchising out there 
  1. We are building a community and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Franchise Power Up is part of Astreem’s initiative to build a franchise community in South East Asia. Regardless of where your franchise is from, as long as you fit the franchise-ready criteria, we invite you to join our franchise platform as a franchisor. 

What is the source of your content?

The content is based on our team’s combined decades of experience in helping hundreds of franchisors and franchisees.  

Our strategies are founded upon hundreds of hours of market research both primary and secondary sources.  

Our insight into the actual process of franchise matching is derived from the fact that we have been party to franchise matching of over 50 brands across 10 countries.  

We have also accumulated data from hundreds of franchise scorecards from various franchisors that give us credibility when we speak of franchise operations management. 

How is Franchise Power-Up different from other courses?

Franchise Power Up is our way of sharing more franchise information to demystify Franchise as a growth methodology and help more start correctly with the right foundation as they grow. 

I believe that when franchisors are inspired and committed to building franchise networks where every stakeholder on the network is a winner, the franchise blossoms. Although a business model, when people passionately apply the right attitude, follow best practice processes and do things right, they can build successful franchises. 

If you are a franchisor looking for a franchise mad companion, I look forward to assisting you on your journey! 


Hsien Naidu

Principal Consultant of
Astreem Consulting

Discover how to build a highly successful franchise business

Hsien Naidu – WHO AM I?

My name is Hsien Naidu and I am mad about Franchising as a growth vehicle

..for brand owners to scale their businesses,
..for budding entrepreneurs who wish to build their own franchise empires as franchisees and
..for not-for-profit initiatives that are able to bring sustainable livelihoods through micro franchising.

Franchise Power Up Seminars are a direct outcome of over 18 years of passionate engagement with business owners and the challenges they face as they scale at Astreem consulting, where I am also its Chief Everything Officer.

Astreem Consulting – Growth Consultants for Southeast Asia

Astreem Consulting is a leading regional consulting firm with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines specializing in developing Franchise and growth strategies. My exposure to the challenges faced by business owners across South East Asia as they scaled their franchises ignited my passion and devotion to helping franchisors scale their franchises sustainably.

A Trailblazer in the Franchise Industry

In my early days, in order to find a platform for Franchisors and franchisees to share information, we launched Optimum, a Franchise Gazette in 2008, featuring franchises and their offerings from the region. In 2019, the Optimum Franchise gazette was replaced by an online community platform,, a platform dedicated to engaging the multiple stakeholders of the franchise community through franchise-related content, brand profiling, franchise education and franchise opportunity listing.

During this time, we also offered Franchisor and Franchisee training programs as well as authored a book called “ The Franchisee Success Code” to provide a guide for franchisees before they embarked on their franchisee journey. To solve perennial franchise operations management issues, the Astreem team and I also developed TreeAMS – an integrated franchise management solution to help businesses improve operations, scalability and profitability in a sustainable way.