Join the Franchise Acceleration Start-Up Toolkit (FAST) Strategy Meeting

Learn how to optimize and standardize your business’ operational, training and audit processes with Astreem

Starting your SMART Journey

In the FAST Strategy Meeting, you will learn how to build a SMART Operations Playbook.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started, our SMART Operations Playbook is tailored to fit your needs. While you focus on growing your franchise, the system will simplify the management of the everyday details.

What does the SMART Operations Playbook cover?

1. Consultant Mentoring

2. Digital Operations Integrated Training Programs

3. Quality Audit programs

4. Onboarding Programs

5. Benchmark Setting and Performance Monitoring

6. 3rd Party Technology Integration

7. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

8. Franchisee Performance Scorecards


18 years of Experience in Growing Businesses

240 clients across SouthEast Asia

12 award-winning brands

Offices across SouthEast Asia


Hsien Naidu

Principal Consultant of
Astreem Consulting

Discover how to build a highly successful franchise business

Hsien Naidu has been a private practice growth consultant at Astreem and is known for her expertise in growing franchise brands and cultivating entrepreneurial triumphs.

With professional accreditations as a Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) and Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), she specializes in Franchising, and Intellectual Property Management across multiple industries with a profound belief that franchising, when augmented with a strong foundation in operational excellence, can be the indispensable growth vehicle for brand owners and a transformative pathway for aspiring entrepreneurs to construct their franchise empires.

Small business owners to conglomerate CEOs, can expect to gain a profound understanding of the transformative impact of Operations Excellence Management in shaping the success of franchises on a global scale.

Join the Franchise Acceleration Start-Up Toolkit (FAST) Strategy Meeting

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