Strengthen Your Business Core Capabilities

The Business Climate is set to change as the world starts to open up again . Consumer behavior has evolved permanently and may never revert to Pre-Covid times. Many businesses have started to prepare themselves to take on new opportunities through future proofing their businesses with brand transformation strategies and Digital Business Management in this new era.

The importance of strong business strategy fundamentals and the adoption of technology and digitisation has become a pressing necessity. Is your business ready to thrive in this post pandemic world?

If you have not yet started to transform your business, it is not too late to start your business transformation journey. To support Singapore Companies in their adoption of new business strategies to remain competitive, Enterprise Singapore encourages local businesses to grow and transform by strengthening of our core capabilities through their Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).

The grant funds of up to  70% of qualifying project costs namely third-party consultancy fees, software and equipment, and incremental internal manpower cost.

Whether it is in Brand Transformation or Digital Business management for greater competitiveness, this is the time to take the first step.


Speak with our consultants to leverage
these grants for your Business Growth and Digital Transformation.


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What Is Applicable ?


Brand Transformation

We maximise your brand equity, uncover and maximise your potential IP exploitation through delivering brand strategy, new business innovation,  brand positioning, and brand communication articulation.

Franchise System Developement

Our franchise experts develop end-to-end franchise systems, from strategy, operations documentation, legal documentation to franchise management systems for sustainable growth.

Business Strategy Development

Our growth strategists uncover and transform business channels to illuminate your growth plans for your brand to fully realise your financial value.

Digital Business Management

From digitising your workflows, developing consumer-facing applications to integrating all your business processes through ERP, we identify gaps in the value stream to improve efficiency and productivity across different industries.

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