Is DIY Franchise Development A Recommended Way To Grow?

Many experts debate upon whether business owners can develop their own Franchise system independently. On one hand, experts do have deep franchise sector experience that can help Brand Owners avoid many common pitfalls when developing a franchise system; but on the other hand, Brand owners may not be in a position to invest large amounts up front to develop a franchise system. Some brand owners also feel that consultants may also offer cookie-cutter experiences and do not know their businesses enough to develop a robust franchise system. A middle road where brand owners can leverage their own experience with industry expert templates could very well be the answer for this breed of ultra-independent, self-reliant, forward-thinking brand owners.

DIY Franchise Development Solutions provide potential brand owners who wish to develop their own franchise programs an alternative to hiring a franchise consultant to build the franchise system. These DIY Franchise Solutions serve as a guide for potential Franchisors to use as a starting point for the development of their own franchise system.

Limitations of a DIY SOP Solution

DIY Options often mean that the potential franchisor is provided with franchise document templates and then left to fill in the blanks of static, non-intuitive documents. This can be an unhelpful and frustrating process. DIY needs to be more than a set of templates. It needs to be more intuitive and interactive to offer the brand owner a more informed and value-added experience.

Step by Step Franchise Guide

With Astreem’s GO-DIY Franchise Solution, Franchisors are onboarded in a step by step manner. Each project starts with the Franchisor being taken through a guide of what franchising is. Following that, the Franchisor starts to gather the data required to generate the financial plan that is the basis of the franchise strategy. Once all the data is inputted, the GO-DIY Franchise strategy will generate the proposed franchise fee calculation guidelines and franchise profit and loss spreadsheets. Depending on the data input, the Franchisor will get a good idea of:

  1. How to price their franchise model
  2. What are the costs involved
  3. If the proposed franchise model is viable

We know that various industries have different business models and that DIY Franchising is not a one size fits all. Every business and individual sector, from F&B, education, retail to real estate, is different and therefore, a tailored approach is needed. Although we do not cover every industry and sector, we develop industry-specific templates to mirror actual industry use cases.

WHY GO DIY franchise development

Although DIY Franchise is not for every Brand owner, it can be suitable for Franchisors who are comfortable being in the driver’s seat, are willing to invest time and effort to document their business operations in greater depth and is relatively technology-savvy enough to leverage technology to implement the Franchise management system.

  1. Get access to Industry-specific Franchise Strategy Development and SOP documentation
  2. Input brand-specific data to customise the output
  3. Analyse your own franchise valuation
  4. Produce your own franchise agreement highlights
  5. Have access to maker checker programs with Franchise Industry-specific experts
  6. Have access to industry-specific Audit templates
  7. Have access to industry-specific Franchise Onboarding Programs
  8. Customise to make the program as detailed or as simple as you wish
  9. Low cost
  10. Have control over the speed of development
  11. Technology allows Brand owners to implement the Franchise system immediately to the franchise network
  12. Be independent in the franchise development process but not alone

What GO-DIY Franchise Offers

When developing your franchise offering – to avoid costly problems with your franchisees you need to address every aspect of the offer: This includes:

  1. The franchise financials
  2. The franchise support
  3. Brand culture and values
  4. Training
  5. Set up and related costs
  6. Roles and responsibilities
  7. Performance guidelines
  8. Supply chain
  9. Agreement highlights
  10. Territorial definitions
  11. Commercial terms
  12. SOP documentation
  13. SOP management
  14. Audit development
  15. Audit management
  16. Training framework
  17. Training performance management
  18. Franchisee onboarding process
  19. New store opening processes

How to embark on GO DIY Franchise

Brand owners who wish to explore the DIY Franchise route can find out if a Franchise structure template already exists for their industry. If there is, the next step is to decide if they wish to develop a Single Unit franchise, Area Franchise or Master Franchise. They should also decide if an SOP is needed and if they wish to also enlist the help of online Franchise experts to mentor them in their Go-DIY Franchise journey. Once decided, they can go ahead and subscribe to the service. GO DIY Franchise NOW!

Is My Business Franchise-ready?

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