Develop your own Audit Programs to increase your Brand Performance

The benefits of audits have long been known and practiced by the very best of businesses the world over. Maintaining standards go a long way towards fulling the promise to customers, maintaining standards and compliance between businesses.  

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Traditionally, these audits are implemented in a piecemeal and manual way, relying heavily on forms, spreadsheets, and physical reporting. A whole separate team is often deployed to maintain and manage the Audit program. Today the audits no longer need to be a time-consuming and painful implementation process. Various audits including Brand Management Audits, Process Management Audits, Financial Audits, Store Operations Audits, Customer Service Quality Audits can be developed quickly and cost-effectively using Audit development tools that can assist with not only Audit development, it is very powerful when used to generate reports and track performance over time.  

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At Astreem, we work with business owners to develop easy-to-manage Audit programs with the view to increase overall business performance. Our Audit Management Solution is specially designed for SMEs to help manage a wide range of audit-related activities on a single comprehensive framework. Our audit framework begins with the key result areas in mind, designing the audit program to support all types of audits, including internal audits, operational audits, supplier audits, quality audits.  We also consider the overall business framework to provide end-to-end functionalities for managing the complete audit life cycle, including audit planning, audit scheduling, and audit reporting. If needed, reviews, monitoring, and recommendations can also be built into your audit program. 

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Our Audit Development methodology combines a state-of-the-art audit management technology with our wealth of business operations experience to design customised audit programs to drive the success of your team.  


What Audit Plans can cover: 

 Process Audits 

Onboarding Completeness 

Site inspections 

Internal departmental Audits 


Staff Management Audits 

Financial Compliance Audits 


If you are ready to grow your brand performance, developing a comprehensive Audit program is a good place to start.  

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