Deal Hunter
Program 2023


The Right Time For Your Brand Growth Is Now

After years of being on conservative mode, 2023 sees investors in the region emerging to engage in new ventures.

We have all been part of the global disruptions of the post-pandemic era, as well as the overall upheavals in the political and economic scene. Whilst most have adopted the wait-and-see approach, those who have forged ahead are enjoying success as they expand into very hungry and ready markets in anticipation of new brands.

Singapore brands are well accepted in the region, and countless brands, with the help of our very experienced franchise growth experts, have found suitable matches through our Deal Hunter Programs in the region.

Deal Hunter

This year, Astreem has gathered our VERY TOP FRANCHISEES in 2 targeted markets in the region to be a part of our 2023 Franchise Deal Hunter program. The dates for each of these cannot miss programs are:

Philippines – 24th June 2023
– 27th July 2023

Join Us for Our Singapore Local
Franchise Matching

held in April 2023
& August 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deal Hunter Program?

Deal Hunter Programs are offline events where you, franchisors, can meet over 50 qualified franchisee prospects and find the perfect franchisee partner for your expansion plan.

This year, our Deal Hunter Programs are held in 3 countries in Southeast Asia, they are Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. We successfully completed the Deal Hunter Program for Singapore on 13th April 2023.

Leveraging Franchise as a
strategy to grow your business

Franchising is a very attractive way to grow without bearing the full risk involved with brand expansion. If you would like to grow your business via franchising but have not explored this option and would lie to find out more, enquire now to find out if franchising is the right avenue of growth!