Growth Management

Increase Brand Value

01. Scalable Growth

Our growth strategists uncover and transform business channels, from Market Entry studies, Price Positioning, Channel Strategies (New Business; Joint Ventures; Franchising) to crystalize your growth plans for your brand to fully realise your financial value.

Foundational Development Services

1. Market Entry Research

Research and viability assessments
of entry into markets of interest.

Identifies the advantages,
disadvantages and risks for your
brand or business concerning
specific target market environments.

2. Business Strategy Development

Development of go-to-market
strategies and roadmaps toward
market entry or market growth

Identifies route-to-market steps
and gaps.

3. SOP Development

Documentation of key Standard Operating Procedures
and policies.

Protects your business IP and
facilitates operational rollout across
growth exports.

02. Sustainable Growth

Taking that first big step to build your brand footprint is only the beginning of a journey that requires stewardship and ongoing attention. Ensuring quality, replicability, efficiency and compliance are critical to sustainable growth.

Franchise Management System

1. Quality Operations Management Framework

Operations Management
Platform to track and facilitate
procedural and standards

Enhances central HQ oversight
into operations performance and
maintaining quality standards at
a dispersed unit level.

2. Audit

Development of audit
program across key
operational and management
compliance areas.

Allows for non-compliance alerts
and scheduled checks that key
standards and procedures from
SOPs are being upheld or

3. Training

Development of structured
training programme based on
SOP content and Audit

Training content in a scalable
programme enforces
standardised employee
recognition of important role and
organisation-related standards
and processes.

4. Process

Mapping of key administrative
process workflows that are
frequently repeated.

Allows for specific workflow
tracking across procedurally
similar but otherwise distinct

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