Remote Operations Management (ROM) Solution


Remote Operations Management (ROM) is the latest All in One virtual workspace for managing business operations built for SME teams.

Transforming your physical office into a remote workspace allows your team to work remotely, especially when it is not ideal for all members of the team to be in the same place at one time. Remote work spaces with inbuilt business management tools are  specifically designed  for teams stay connected and productive when working together is not ideal. Remote Business Operations management work spaces offers functions that cut across the organisation like Sales, Training, Audit and Project management. Teams can collaborate in real time and manage all business operations in Real time.

Depending on the business’s needs, Astreem’s ROM workspace is also designed to scale up to include other management capabilities like SOP Sharing. File Sharing, Training Management, Audit management, Sales reporting, process management  and Lead management.


If your team has been working from different locations, at different times and need to collaborate to deliver joint projects  or if you need a safe,  secure space to store and exchange confidential data, there is no question about needing your customised  virtual workspace. Having a well tooled virtual workspace will help you increase productivity, keep your team connected and your Intellectual property secure. Integrate your Business Operations Processes in your remote workspace and build your E-teams now.


Workspace Sharing

  • Document Management and Storage
  • Share files, projects, processes between users
  • Track project progress across teams on unified dashboard


  • Manage Resources
  • Synchronise Workflow
  • Schedule, share and view events, tasks and deadlines on the calendar
  • Reminders and Alerts to stay ahead of deadline

Custom Dashboards

  • Customise team business operations dashboards
  • Capture relevant Performance and progress reports to make informed decisions
  • Users see individual assigned to-do lists

File Management

  • Centralised Document Management System
  • Files can be seamlessly integrated with business processes
  • Authorisation tools to ensure correct access

SOP Management

  • Upload Departmental SOPS
  • Update company SOPs in the system
  • Easily alert employees on SOP updates
  • Authorised User Access Only

Training Platform

  • Customised Training
  • Host training content in multiple formats
  • Assign trainings and assessments to specific users
  • Manage and track employee performance

Audit Management

  • Quality Audits can be designed and implemented at different levels
  • Benchmarks and performance can be set
  • Audit results are presented on the dashboard for quality control
  • Corrective action items can be set
  • Audits and alerts can be scheduled


Working remotely can be very difficult without a digital platform that unifies various department functionalities, shared data, schedules and processes. Astreem’s ROM features a curated list of functionalities that have been proven to be the most important to SME teams.

When your team is working remotely, it is even more important to maintain a culture of Managing through Clear Intent, Trust, Frequent Communication , Openness and Teamwork. Leveraging a digital Remote Operations Management Workspace helps you to achieve all that.

Leveraging Technology to manage work processes allows your team to be fully aware of who does what. This means there is less chance of duplication and replication of work. Automation also means steps do not get accidentally left out.

Documented SOPs ensure business continuity.

SOPs also capture the business’s intangible value.

It also protects your business Intellectual property.

When operating remotely, it is even more important to develop your training so that you can continue to develop and grow your team. Regardless of your business, it is critical that your team is equipped to do their respective jobs. In these times of Work from Home and social distancing, it becomes critical to have alternative methods of training.

The importance about well documented SOPs is to ensure the team understand the procedures necessary to manage the business processes well. Audits are important as they help management understand how the team and business is performing. It is the feedback loop that offers clarity and data to help management make important business decisions.

Conducting audits through Astreem’s  ROM means managers can save time and effort because, all audits are available online and reults automatically collated and presented on the dashboard.

Process management helps businesses function in the most efficient way possible. It maps all the tasks to help different teams get from point A to point B. Astreem’s ROM Process management functionality can help your business

  • increase productivity
  • reduce costs
  • reduce redundancy
  • speeds up transactions
  • reduce confusion

Some examples of where Process management tools can be leveraged:

  • Leave application forms
  • Inventory Management
  • New employee on-boarding
  • Customer service fulfilment
  • Expense approvals


Just as you would pay a monthly rental for your physical office space, you only need to pay a monthly subscription fee for your Remote Operations Management Workspace. Find out more about the specific remote workspace packages here.

Build your Remote Operations Management Workspace Now!

  • Standard Remote Office Suite
  • $100 USD
    per month
  • 5 users
  • Features:
    Online collaboration
    Workspace sharing
    Custom dashboards
    SOP management
    Training platform
    HR management
  • Sign up for a 1 month free trial