Valuing Your Franchise


How Much should I price my unit franchise?

Should the Upfront franchise Fee be the only Priority?

This is the million dollars question every aspiring Franchisor asks when considering a Franchise as the preferred vehicle of growth. Many franchise owners know how a franchise works but most of them initially fail to understand the depth of their franchise and how important it is to do it correctly.

Valuing a franchise involves taking all factors into account as best you can, determining the price (based on future maintainable earnings and risk) and putting the franchise business up for sale. You may never know if you have set the price high or low.

If this is your question too, and you have more such questions join us for our interactive session on what to look out for when considering what your franchise Unit valuation is.

Major focus on the limited :

RFactors that affect brand valuation
RFinancial modelling
RDoes quality management improve your brand value?
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Expert Speaker
Hsien Naidu

Principal Consultant, CEO
Astreem Consulting

9nd December 2021

10AM -12PM SGT



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