Dazzle your customers with outstanding operational excellence
through simple-to-use, digital audits.

Audits may be used by group-level managers to assess the overall compliance of their outlets, and by the management from the head office to check more qualitative aspects of brand management.

Together, these form an audit framework – a system that encapsulates the standards required by different roles and functions within the company.

With the TreeAMS Audit Management Tool, you can: 

  • Secure your audit documents,
  • Analyse live data and
  • Finally get rid of lugging around folders, stacks of paper or a laptop from branch to branch during auditing



The TreeAMS Audit Management  Solution  is a simple to use, easy to implement, company wide, digital audit that ensures consistent quality.

Access industry-based specific audit templates, tailor fit for your business.

The TreeAMS Audit Management  Solution  is  specially designed for SMEs  to  help  manage a wide range of audit related activities on a single comprehensive framework.  The  audit program  was designed to support all types of audits, including:

Internal audits

Operational audits

Supplier audits

Quality audits

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