International Brand Expansion

Astreem Consulting develops World Class  Internationalisation programs to help Businesses grow into the region. Expanding your brand’s footprint into new territories can help build brand equity, brand recognition and ultimately increase your brand value.

Other Advantages of International Brand Expansion:

  • Increases revenue channels
  • Lowers risk through diversification in new countries
  • Balances out temporary losses locally with international earnings
  • Decreases production costs by moving certain operations to countries where labour and materials are cheaper

Developing a Strong Expansion strategy is important to maximise your chances of success. Business owners should invets in market research to understand the local market conditions, local demographics, consumer behaviour, legal framework, tax regulations and any other external market forces that can affect the success of the business entry in that country.

Develop your International growth strategy with us through our customised market entry, brand localisation, Market research and business matching programs.

Tap on our business network through out Asia including Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Myanmar.

Want to find out more about how you can grow your business internationally through franchising? Our franchise consultants are here to assist you. Contact us for more information today.