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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are the backbone of every successful business. Well documented SOPs not only allow you to have the ability to replicate the business operations successfully, it also protects the business IP legally and brings value to the intrinsic know-how and processes that have contributed to the business success.

Most business owners know this but leave this very important step as one of the last important tasks to complete. Why? Because an SOP is often tedious and requires a lot of documentation. We understand this because we have been developing SOPs for over 20 years.

Astreem’s GO DIY SOP Online takes you through a list of questions and extracts the important data and generates a best fit industry step-by-step protocol to help you document your operations. These templates include:

  1. F&B SOPs
  2. Wellness SOPs
  3. Education Centre SOPs
  4. Fitness Studio SOPs
  5. Franchise Management SOPs

Why Choose GO-DIY SOP Documentation?

Our SOP documentation process are developed by world class industry specific experts.

Its easy to use, and you take control of how much or little  information you wish to input. We know business processes change. GO DIY encourages updates on the SOP as often as needed to keep your business processes up to date and competitive!

Our system is  is Accessible Anywhere, Anytime.

If you do get stuck, SOP experts are available on demand to assist you through more customised requests.

No Hefty Consulting Fees. Simply pay per use!


Leverage the experience of experts whilst taking control of your own SOP Documentation! Reduce 90% of the hassle of navigating the framework and save yourself precious time!