Franchise Opportunity Sets Up Children Development Trend

The best learning takes place when activities are engaging and memorable. Play learning is fast becoming one of the key components in preschool education. An increasing number of parents are appreciating the importance of life skills over academic excellence, to better prepare their children for the future.

Role play is an active, social activity where children use play to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a topic, transforming information into experience. The benefits of role playing in a child’s development are endless; problem solving, teamwork, communication and self-awareness are some of the invaluable skills children are able to pick up.

Role play education is one of the most effective way to improve communication and acquire languages as it encourages expressive conversations by empathetically putting children in a certain role. Through these various roles, children learn to practice the behaviors and manners needed to interact in real world situations. It also positively enhance learning experiences through the negotiation skills, cooperation and social skills needed in the different situations and pretend story lines.

Awareness of the fundamental benefits of early childhood education continues to grow at a rapid pace. The City is a first-of-its-kind Learning Ithecityimage1nteractive Playground that brings children role play and pretend play experiences in realistic environments and scenarios that are both fun and educational at the same time.

As a Franchise Quality Mark certified franchise, The City is a franchise that places emphasis on building successful franchisee units, starting with getting the franchise unit fundamentals right to ensure the growth of franchisees. The mutual growth sets The City on to continuously foster children’s emerging senses and skills in their early formative years while building a profitable business.

With the demand for early childhood development program growing, The City franchise offers an opportunity to be part of a unique, leading program enriching the lives of children in Singapore and Asia.

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