The key to building a successful franchise empire is the ability to consistently manage the performance of your franchisees at the unit level. The ability to monitor performance, receive alerts on non-compliance, regular audit reports, onboard every franchisee consistently and manage product orders leveraging technology can help you increase your franchise’s overall performance significantly.

Hiring more people to manage your franchisees and increasing the number of processes, enforced audits means you invest more in headcount to do repetitive work that is subject to human errors.


By leveraging Technology, you can automate your Franchisee On-boarding program, assign approval processes, monitor revenue,  implement online training & evaluation, assign audits and maintain standards from one centralised platform. Streamlining and aggregating all important data and performance reports on one centralised platform will go a long way to improving franchisee management.

Investing the right amount of effort in developing the program and commitment to implement the program across the different levels of your organisation from Management, to operations managers to your franchisees will determine the success of the franchise management program.

What’s more, developing and implementing  technology driven franchise management programs can be implemented at only a fraction of what manual implementation will cost.

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Our team of experienced franchise experts, as well as our technology team combine to offer extensive expertise, insights and know-how to co-create your franchise management program.

We work with you using our proprietary franchise management program to:

  • Discover your business processes, identify key drivers and leverage the tools available.
  • Develop On-boarding processes, franchise audits, Training Programs, revenue monitoring and relevant reports to give you the oversight you require.
  • Recommend the best way to connect your people, process and technology to manage and grow your franchise
  • Allow you to more effectively manage your business processes with the benefit of Business Performance Management Tools  no matter the size of your company.

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