Leveraging Technology to Grow your Franchise

The key to building a successful franchise empire is the ability to consistently manage the performance of the franchisees at the unit level. The ability to monitor performance, receive alerts on non-compliance, regular audit reports, onboard every franchisee consistently and manage product orders leveraging technology can help a franchisor increase its overall performance infinitely.

Whilst these tasks can be done manually, leveraging technology to help automate the management process allows you, the franchisor to spend more time building the franchise and less resources stuck managing daily administrative tasks. Monitoring all these key performance drivers on one dashboard will firmly place you in the driver’s seat, able to navigate your business with up to date business intelligence, alerts and customised reports.

Astreem Franchise Automation Advisory

Our team of experienced franchise experts, as well as our technology team combine to offer extensive expertise, insights and know-how to provide you with the processes designed to wrap the technology around your business.

We work with you to:

  • Analyse your business processes, identify key drivers and leverage the tools available to gear your business for growth using our proprietary framework.
  • Recommend the best way to connect your people, process and technology to manage and grow your franchise
  • Allow you to more effectively manage your business processes with the benefit of ERP no matter the size of your company.

Find out how you can leverage technology to grow your franchise.

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