Accelerating Your Brand’s Growth

Franchising is the replication of an already successful brand’s trademark, know-how & processes in exchange for a fee. As a method of growth, it can be applied to almost any sector whether it is food & beverage, education or services.

A franchise system that is based on a win-win strategy for both franchisor and franchisee can greatly accelerate YOUR BRAND’S  growth in a relatively short period of time.

Sustainable franchises invest time and resources in developing a easily replicable franchise system. This starts from the foundation of franchise strategy, intellectual property exploitation, franchise valuation, documentation of operations, franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements and franchise marketing.

Sounds like a lot of work? At Astreem, our experienced consultants are trained to work with our franchisors to extract value from the IP from your businesses and transform that value into NEW & SUSTAINABLE REVENUE channels over the long term. Take away any doubts you may have about franchising. Contact us to find out what growth options are open to your business.

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