The Total Value of our business lies in a combination of both our Tangible and Intangible assets.

In an increasing competitive business environment, business owners are finding it harder to maintain the profit margins we used to make. In Marshall Goldsmith’s words, “What got us here won’t get us there”.

Relying only on the Tangible value expressed only by the accounting profitability of the company is sometimes unpredictable. Yet every business has a treasure trove of unrealised assets in the form of Intangible value. In 1975, Intangible assets accounted for only 17% of a company’s value. Today, Intangible assets can account for almost 87% of a company’s valuation. We work with our clients to uncover the value of these intangible assets to systematically add to the ultimate valuation of your business.

Through our Tried and Tested A360 Business Transformation Program, we work with you to uncover the gaps that may exist in your business and develop Business strategies with you to uncover your business’ potential and realize the value of your intangible assets.

Leveraging technology, we develop innovative road maps that combine both Brand Transformation and Business Processes Transformation strategies.