Transformation & Redesign

In our increasingly competitive business environment, business owners are finding it harder to maintain the profit margins they used to make. In Marshall Goldsmith’s words, “What got us here won’t get us there”. We need to change and evolve to ready our business to accelerate with the changes in the marketplace in order for us to continue to succeed.

Business Process Redesign (also known as Business Process Transformation) is a complete overhaul of your company’s key business process with the objective of achieving a quantum jump in performance measures such as return on investment, cost reduction and quality of service.

This is a structured approach that helps you create and increase the value of your  business  by translating your competencies, know-how, and plans into new or improved business processes.

We work with you to discover your strengths and leverage technology to develop new process paths to decrease repetitive tasks, increase productivity and profitability.  Astreem uses Value Stream Mapping to offer more holistic views of how work flows through your  business entire system and provides effective means to establish strategic direction for making improvements.

Through our Business Process Re-engineering and Business Management Platform, business owners can now leverage technology solutions to improve their business processes at a fraction of what legacy ERP systems cost. Now increasing productivity and bottom line margins leveraging technology is accessible to business of all sizes.

Find out how business process transformation can help increase your profitability and productivity.