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What is a Brand Consultant?

A brand consultant is someone who analyses and evaluates your business to help you improve your brand performance.

What Does a Brand Consultant Do?

A brand consultant’s primary responsibility is to work with the brand owner to uncover the true intellectual property of the brand. This can transform the intangible intellectual property into tangible assets, helping the business to gain exponential brand value.

Brand Consulting Process

Audit & Brand Discovery





A typical brand consulting journey goes through the following process.

Audit & Brand Discovery

a. Understand and Discover Your Brand Objectives

A brand consultant’s primary responsibility is to work with the brand owner to uncover the true intellectual property of the brand. This can transform the intangible intellectual property into tangible assets, helping the business to gain exponential brand value.

A brand consultant’s primary duty is to gain a deep understanding of your business intent. This is important as it helps to align the goals of the key stakeholders involved in the project.

b. Identify Your Brand DNA

Through a series of interviews and workshops with your company’s key stakeholders, a good brand consultant can distil your strengths to help unveil your brand DNA and paradigm.

Using different brand development methodologies, he can also determine your weaknesses, offering practical suggestions to target your pain points and elevate your business.

c. Analyse Your Competitors

An important aspect of a brand consultant’s job is to conduct a competitor analysis and map them against your targeted segment.

Using the information derived from the analysis, the brand consultant can come up with branding strategies to help your business gain a competitive edge.

d. Conduct Customer Analysis

A brand consultant will carry out research to help him develop a clear understanding of your customers. This can be done in the form of polls, surveys or one-on-one interviews.

The information gathered from the analysis can assist him  with uncovering consumer brand and trend sentiments. This can then be used to create branding campaigns and strategies that are customised to the needs of your customers.

Develop Your Brand Strategy

Having uncovered the core strengths and potential of your brand, the brand consultant will now devote his efforts into articulating your brand paradigm. This brand paradigm will be designed to communicate your brand clearly to your targeted customers.

At this stage, your brand name, logo, promise, and story will also come together to form your brand strategy.

Brand Implementation

At this stage, the brand consultant’s goal is to design a holistic experience to help the target customer relate and connect with your brand.

Once the brand strategy has been developed, the consultant can proceed with brand articulation. This can be done through your website, social media channels, and brand collaterals.

This is crucial as how well your consultant articulates your brand proposition has a direct impact on your brand positioning in the market.

Thus, it is important to create a consistent image across all your communication channels.

Specify Go-to-Market Strategy

A go-to-market strategy is a tactical action plan that specifies the steps necessary to launch a brand successfully.

At this step, the brand consultant will recommend suitable actionable plans for launching your new products and services on different platforms.

For example, he may suggest launching your brand on social media or , by participating in exhibitions and  forming long term partnerships to engage your target clients.


Positive brand equity equates to more profit, and negative brand equity equates to losses.

This formula is not rocket science. However, amassing enough positive brand equity to drive growth is no easy feat.

As such, it is important to engage the services of a reliable brand consultant to help your brand grow.

Why Hire a Brand Consultant

a. Growth Focused Strategies

A brand has to be created with scalability in mind. As you grow your business, you need a brand that can grow in tandem.

Your brand should be trademarkable, relatable, easy to implement, and memorable.

You can achieve this with the help of a seasoned brand consultant who will take you through the process systematically and thoroughly. He can also ensure that your brand is robust enough and can be adapted to grow.

b. Expertise and Knowledgeies

Hiring a brand consultant allows you to tap onto his vast expertise and experience. He can develop feasible branding strategies for your business that you otherwise may not have considered.

c. Fresh Perspective

As a business owner, it is hard to get a big picture view of the problem that you are facing. Bringing in a brand consultant can give you access to a set of fresh insights into the current state of the business. This can be useful in generating ideas that can foster the growth of your company

d. Access to Latest Technologies

A brand consultant is likely to be equipped with the latest technologies that you might not be aware of. Additionally, he is also able to fully utilise these technologies to help you achieve the best results for your business.

Why Choose Astreem As Your Brand Consultant?

Here at Astreem, we can help to elevate your brand’s tangible value through our brand value transformation methodology – the A360The A360 is built upon our value pyramid which, when articulated through our services, forms a firm foundation for businesses to scale.

This unique methodology allows our brand consultants to bridge brand value with business valuation. We do this by balancing strategy design and building tangible intellectual property assets to enhance your brand and increase economic business value.

From research and strategy to design and implementation, we have helped ambitious, forward-looking organisations to define big visions and turn ideas into products, solutions and experiences that deliver value.

Case Studies

Our brand consultants have brought clients like Fly Entertainment, Conrad Maintenance, and many more through the A360 brand transformation journey. Learn more about how they have benefited from their journeys below.

a. Fly Entertainment

Founded by the award-winning host and comedian Irene Ang, FLY Entertainment (飞艺娱乐) is one of Singapore’s pioneer artiste management agency.


The company had believed that branding was mostly about making their logo appear prominently.

What we did for them:

After working with Astreem’s brand consultants, FLY Entertainment realised that branding is more than that. It is also about the company’s value proposition and the types of products and services they choose to offer to their clients. In response, the company decided to start differentiating their services. This allowed them to offer their target segments value while maximising their resource allocation.


Through the brand transformation exercise, FLY entertainment recognised where their real revenue channels were derived from.

Today, we have differentiated our services to offer the most value to the different target segments while maximising our resource allocation.

This brand transformation exercise has helped us to recognise where our real revenue channels are derived from, improved our business focus and increased our profit margins.

Irene Ang, CEO of FLY Entertainment


b. Conrad Maintenance Services


Conrad Maintenance Services (CMS) is a company that offers premium cleaning and disinfecting services to the manufacturing industry.


For the company to offer these services to their clients in the manufacturing industry, it needs to adhere to high hygiene standards.

However, their clients are unaware of the differences in standards and their commitment to quality.

As such, they needed a strong brand that could help them differentiate themselves and articulate what the company stands for.

What we did for them:

Our brand consultants worked closely with the company to transform the CMS brand into a memorable Conrad Maintenance Brand Mark.

Original Logo

Redesigned Logo


Our brand transformation journey helped us to retain our core brand heritage while emphasising on our commitment to quality. This has helped our clients to trust us as reliable partners in building their business.

Raymond, CEO of Conrad Maintenance Services

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