Become A Marketing Great Who Has The Power To Make The Difference

Every year thousands of marketing graduates enter the work force envisioning the influence they will have in building brands, ambitioning to joining large FMCG groups, Big Brand names and huge multinationals only to realise the reality of their work is focused often on low visibility, repetitive narrow scopes with limited exposure to the overall marketing strategy of the business and even more stressful is the managing of internal corporate politics in these large corporations.

There is something to be said for the experience of being in the driver’s seat of building a brand, launching a product, being responsible for the success or failure, being the key influence for a brand’s market positioning, in fact, being a key driver for the company’s overall presence in the market.

However, this experience can only be rewarding for individuals who have an innate ability to see the big picture, Listen, hear and understand what stakeholders need, use systematic creativity, have a healthy ability to be process oriented, a curiosity to keep abreast of new marketing trends, blending the traditional with new trends, ultimately, having the ability to translate vision into visuals, words and communicate via various new media channels.

How long have you been hungry for dynamism? Have you been “sneaking and peeking” instead of really going “outside” the box? Every Great Marketer has an unending crave for growth and more action. Where is that hunger taking you? Are you one of the greats? Or perhaps, wanting to be one? Then, we need you as you need us.

Time you stepped up and made a change.

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