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Your Franchise Development Strategy

Developing your Franchise Strategy Every business is unique and develops its own business plan. Similarly in Franchise development, Each business needs to develop its own unique franchise strategy. Whilst many businesses have grown to become international giants through franchising, the road to successful franchising can be complex. Franchising is about more than just the legal agreement […]

7 Steps To Developing Better Audits

Audits are key to improving the operational performance in any multi store operation. Both Internal and external Audits help to ensure compliance and consistency in successful business management. However, audits are only useful when designed correctly, easily implemented and provide insights to help managers make decisions. Audit programs are designed to improve operational standards, improve […]

Develop Your Own Audit Programs to Increase Your Brand Performance

Increase your Brand Profitability through increased Productivity. Are you a Singapore business owner or operations manager who is wondering why all the profit you used to make has reduced over the years. Are you in search of fresh business ideas that improve profitability ratios? Given that High Rentals and Human Resource restrictions are external forces […]

The “Golden Age” of the Chinese Education Market

The “Golden Age” of the Chinese education market is fast approaching. The huge gap between spending power and the quality of education urge foreign companies to seize a share of this market. Opportunities: Chinese government policies reveal its determination to fully support industrialization of the education market. One of the development goals in the 13th […]