Audit and Grow

Auditing is a means of evaluating the effectiveness of your company’s internal controls over its success factors. Maintaining an effective audit system means obtaining reliable reports on operational compliance, training standards, financial reporting, fraud prevention, and misappropriation of its assets. All these factors are integral to maintaining the overall health and profitability of the business.

Maintain customer service, product quality, store appearance standards, financial reporting integrity and operational excellence through easily managed audit plans.

Our Audit Specialists focus on your needs and desired business performance outcomes. The Astreem Audit Program helps you to build an Audit strategy and provides an Audit tool that encompasses full the Audit cycle. Find an audit solution to fit your needs.

Astreem Audit Program

  1. Easy To Conduct
  2. Easy to Monitor
  3. Quick to Implement
  4. Audits can be system Wide or Bite Sized.
  5. Priced to suit your needs

Different Types of Audits

  • Store Operations Audit

    A store audit generally focuses on daily operations. Mostly it covers areas like whether the company’s operating standards are being met at the store level. Things that get checked are inventory, opening and closing procedures employee behavior, and general cleanliness of the store

  • Merchandising and Layout

    These audits are important to ensure the brand is being presented in accordance to its overall guidelines.

  • Health & Safety Standards

    Conducting health and safety audits not only keeps the business compliant and protects the business owner from claims, lawsuits, but also ensure the safety and protection of our own staff.

  • Compliance Checklists

    Compliance audits are a formal review to determine whether or not a company is conducting its operations in accordance with a contractual agreement.

  • Franchise Management Audits

    These are a set of Audits a franchisor would conduct to ensure the franchisee is complying to the various SOPs and processes that have been laid out in the franchise agreement. These may be conducted quarterly, half yearly or annully.

Develop your audit program to improve your business performance. Contact us to find out how easy it is!