The Importance of Effective On-boarding Processes

Within every organisation there exists some very important processes like new employee, new client, new vendor and franchisee on-boarding that are repeated regularly. Yet, much of the time, they are not systematic and often left to the discretion of the person who happens to be put in charge of the task.

According to HR reports, Organizations often experience substantial turnover of first-year employees. Most New staff take time to acclimatise to the new environment. In today’s digital world where every thing is faster and cycles shorter, it is important to be able to more effectively onboard new staff. Staff on-boarding is not “Orientation” but rather a a structured program to onboard a new team member. It is important for organizations to recognize that a formal on-boarding programs requires structured curriculum. This includes, developing activities that involve more than just orientation but include multi dimensional training and immersive programs that span a time frame longer just the first 15days. On-boarding programs should engage and track the new employees path across a period of time. Of course, in a resource poor world,  companies may not be able to deploy dedicated resources for this singular purpose. However, in today’s era of technology, companies can deploy these new employee on-boarding processes digitally. these digital on-boarding processes may be implemented in combination with digital and live  training, virtual and real time audits, combined with HR documentation and can even involve group participation in terms of face to face activities– all of which can be managed remotely whilst adopting a hands on approach.

Similarly, new customer journeys can be formalised to ensure new clients are constantly engaged through a set of pre-designed touch points. This would ensure consistency and completeness, leaving less ambiguity to potentially new hires who are not familiar with a company’s best practices.

New Franchisee On-boarding is another important process that can make a huge difference to the success of a franchisee’s journey. Being brought through the process in a systematic, step by step way clarifies a lot of the journey.  from the beginning of their franchise journey, the franchisee is presented with a step by step process of what to do, how to do the tasks, who to contact, where to go and when to activate certain tasks.

When this Franchisee on-boarding journey is presented in tandem with the Franchise SOP, Training and Audit programs, the Franchisee On-boarding program starts to become a multi dimensional guide towards their successful franchise unit management. Simultaneously, this helps the franchisor monitor the progress and provide essential input at critical points.

There are many more examples of on-boarding programs that when systemised, can benefit a company in terms of replicating its best practices.