Franchise as a Growth Strategy

On the 5th of September, FLA, [email protected] and Astreem Consulting Conducted an overwhelming event at the Lifelong Learning Centre.

As each passionate speaker addressed the SMEs and provided invaluable information on how to grow their business, the audience was equally interested and engaged.

“Business Process Transformation and Franchising as a growth strategy must go hand in hand if brands want to grow fast and succeed. The traditional methods of managing franchisees may be once successful, but with the right technology, business performance can be improved and franchising as a brand will be even more successful. Who doesn’t want higher profits?” quizzed Hsien, which drew laughter from the audience.

What Hsien Naidu was trying to bring across to the SMEs was that, with right technological tools, SMEs are able to fully achieve what larger enterprises have achieved. The lack of resources should not hinder growth. One of the tools that Hsien had introduce was TreeAMS, a performance management system that is geared towards ensuring the success of franchises through performance monitoring at real time. Something that many franchises are unable to gain visibility due to geographic issues which cause many a good brand’s demise. She stressed further that SMEs should leverage technology to facilitate growth.

She also introduce what Business Process Transformation was which drew much interest from the audience as many continuously asked questions. This shows that many companies are interested in digitizing and streamlining their business process and understand the importance of what business process transformation/optimization can really do for their growing organisation.