Transform Lives While Owning a Profitable Business

“Nothing is more exciting and adventurous because they are so imaginative and are at such a crucial age of their development,” said Jose Bello, a Soccajoeys franchise owner since 2010, on the idea of working with children.

The demand for quality children development programs is accelerating, particularly in South East Asia. Modern parents are becoming aware of the importance of life skills development, leading to the increased involvement and investment in the budding years of their children. Play, physical education and sport contributes to the holistic development of children, shaping their interpersonal growth, teamwork, self-esteem, leadership and principles. Fundamentally, it also enhances children’s physical skills and abilities, instilling in them the lifelong participation in an active lifestyle.

What better way to develop children through one of the most popular sport in Asia with Soccajoeys?

Soccajoeys is Australia’s most established and favourite children development program where children learn and play soccer in an indoor recreational setting. With 27,000 students annually and over 300 classes in operation, Soccajoeys is now rolling out its programs to the rest of South East Asia through exclusive Master and Area franchise opportunities.

With their mission to give children the opportunity to develop skills for life through soccer, Soccajoeys classes encompasses physical, social and educational outcomes to foster each and every child. It provides an inclusive and dynamic environment that is non-competitive and non-elite for children to experience the joys of the world’s most popular game.

Soccajoeys is more than a soccer academy, with a diverse range of programs to meet all the needs of children. On top of the Minis, Preschool and Junior programs, Soccajoeys also have specially designed programs catering to Day-care Centres, birthday parties and holiday programs, offering multiple revenue streams to franchisees. The programs can be held in various locations, from parks to public halls to indoor areas, eliminating the need to own and maintain a fixed space.

The Soccajoeys franchise provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to become the leaders in children development in their region. All exclusive franchise territories have been chosen to complement Soccajoeys core business activities, providing an exponential growth potential that is scalable. With Soccajoeys undeviating support, from model development to ongoing training, it allows franchisees to focus on the important things; that is to transform lives as part of a thriving and energetic franchise network.

Find out more about this rewarding career that allows you to mentor the next generation of Southeast Asian children while running a profitable business!

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